Suprieya Foods moves to semi-automation

31 May 2016

Mr. Subramaniam, Suprieya Foods, India

India is one of the fastest growing markets for industrial poultry processing. Suprieya Foods is a perfect example of India's entrepreneurial spirit. Starting with industrial processing at 2,000 bph (33 bpm) and scaling up to 4,000 bph (66 bpm) is the path Suprieya has chosen to take.

We didn't have all the knowledge and had to have complete trust in the advice and expertise of the people from Marel Poultry. Now that the products have started to come out really well, I very much appreciate the work Marel Poultry has done.
- C.V. Subramaniam, Managing Director of Suprieya Foods

Coimbatore is a city in Tamil Nadu state, in South India. It is a large and important industrial city experiencing steady growth. Coimbatore is known for all kind of industries.

The district is home to the country's largest concentration of cotton and clothing manufacturers as well as poultry processing industries. Most of the industries are run by creative entrepreneurs, often family-based companies looking for new opportunities.

Poultry dictribution line

Industrial processing

Most broilers in India are not processed in industrial plants. Changing quality requirements from customers such as quick service restaurants and hotels are resulting in increasing demand for high quality processed poultry. Suprieya Foods is one of the companies which have started to process broilers industrially.

Suprieya Foods used to deliver live broilers to the wet market, but the company has now taken a well thought out, big step by integrating the entire slaughter process in its activities and by automating primary processing operations with Stork equipment and knowledge.

Automated process

Suprieya Foods' completely new processing plant has an hourly capacity of 4,000 broilers (66 bpm). It uses an overhead conveyor to transport broilers through the whole process.

First of all, broilers are stunned in a water bath electrical stunner. A throat cut to conform with Halal regulations is then applied manually. After bleeding out, products are scalded and plucked fully automatically. Subsequently feet are removed automatically.


Still transported by the overhead conveyor, broilers are eviscerated in a separate room. As the last step in the evisceration process products enter the Stork neck skin inspection (cropper) machine (NIC-NT). This carousel machine helps to ensure that no crop, esophagus, trachea or thymus glands remain in the neck skin. On leaving the machine, powerful jets of water wash the outside of the product.

Automation helps raise production levels and contributes to an improved process and better product quality. After evisceration, products are transported to a spin chiller located in another separate room. The chiller brings products to the required core temperature. Products are then graded automatically by weight; whole products are now ready for cold storage or cut-up.

Suprieya ChickenGrowing with the customer

"It is a real challenge to enter the processing business as a newcomer like we did. There's a lot more to it than just installing machines," says C.V. Subramaniam, Managing Director of Suprieya Foods. "We didn't have all the knowledge and had to have complete trust in the advice and expertise of the people from Marel Poultry. We left everything in their hands; things turned out very well. Now that the products have started to come out really well, I very much appreciate the work Marel Poultry has done."

Jose Martin Xavier, General Manager Marel India, adds, "To us scalability is a key factor. We see it as our mission to assist a customer like Suprieya Foods growing from an entry level plant to higher levels of automation, secondary processing and even further processing. As the poultry processor grows, we scale up too."

A vision to grow

To Marel Poultry it is clear that India offers huge possibilities for poultry processors like Suprieya Foods, a processor with a vision to grow. Having faith in the future, this company is making a clear choice for high quality poultry processing.

Jan Wouterse, Area Sales Manager for India, says, “Marel Poultry contributes to this growth, not only by providing tailor made poultry processing solutions that can grow with the processor, but also by sharing knowledge and by being present in the market. As we like to say it, ‘global knowledge, local solutions’.”

Suprieya Foods Poultry Processing plant, Coimbatore, India

About Suprieya Foods

Since its founding in 1993 Suprieya Foods has grown steadily. The company is involved in lots of activities such as broiler parent farms, poultry hatchery, the manufacture of poultry feeds and battery cages for broiler rearing. In 2016 the company completes its vertical integration by opening a brand new poultry processing plant in Coimbatore.