Further Processing demo center

Townsend DemoCenter

Marel Further Processing has two demo center locations, at the industry center in Boxmeer, the Netherlands and in Des Moines, USA. In our demo center, we provide convincing proof of how both individual machines and complete product lines excel in performance. The demo center is the beating heart of our company, where you see in practice how superbly well equipment of interest to you performs, turning out end products satisfying all your requirements. It is also the ideal place where we can mimic your production situation and new products and processes can be extensively tested. The demo center is the perfect place to engage in a brainstorm session with our specialists on production methods that will optimize your end products and where training sessions are held for your staff.

Our team has at its disposal many years of experience and expertise in food technology, product development and preparation techniques. The demo center in Boxmeer has a fully equipped professional kitchen and a comfortable corner for receiving visitors.

Townsend DemoCenter

During a testing session with a customer, the demo center becomes a restricted area, allowing our team to work together with the customer on the customer’s products. This extra service is our way of further strengthening the relationship with you, making it a true partnership.

Your end product - our starting point

Every year, Marel Further Processing organizes a number of events which are also held at the demo center, consisting of presentations, tasting sessions and demonstrations. Here (potential) customers can take a look at stand-alone machines or a complete processing line in a pleasant atmosphere.

The demo center is a place where hospitality is not a buzz-word but a reality.