We invite you to visit our stand 3-395 at Anutec Brazil to explore groundbreaking advances in primary, secondary and further processing to increase automation and ensure the highest yield, throughput and product quality.

M-Line Neckcutter

The meat industry is constantly changing and consumer demands for diverse food products are steadily increasing. As the market evolves, one of the key topics for our business is the increase in automation. The efficiency and consistency of Marel’s systems help you ensure an optimized production and high-quality food products.

Our meat processing experts will guide you through the unique features of our equipment and automated systems – be it stunning systems, slaughter robots, deboning systems, further processing or packing solutions.


The latest techniques in 3D scanning are integrated into the M-Line robots ensuring a high cutting accuracy and lower carcass damage. With capacities up to 1,400 pigs per hour, the robots are equipped with the “TwinTool” concept that features automatic tool sterilization and increased shelf life.



Our groundbreaking shackle-based system for the deboning and cutting of pork fore-ends gives you lower labor costs, higher yield and better quality products with a longer shelf life.

The DeboFlex uses an overhead conveyor fitted with special rotatable carriers for gripping fore-ends or legs, which transports them in a controlled flow past workstations. The deboning process is split into simpler individual tasks with a dedicated workstation for each task. At each workstation the fore-end or leg is brought automatically into the correct position for the job to be done. Operators no longer need to handle products.


Knowing the accurate fat percentage of incoming product is valuable, but controlling what actually comes out of the process will give you even more added value. Marel’s Trim Management System is designed to analyze beef and pork trim for fat/lean ratio (Chemical Lean) and give you the ability to manage your trim and reach batch target fat percentage.


Our RevoPortioner produces perfectly portioned products at low pressure, while retaining the texture and structure of the raw material. The end products will always have the same shape, weight, and size and be of uniform quality, exactly according to your wishes. Thanks to our patented Helix Drum the flow of meat will be constant, supporting an optimum and more consistent end product.

The MasterFormer uses virtually no pressure and produces high quality filled and unfilled products with a handmade look and retention of structure and texture of meat mass. The MasterSlice and MasterFill modules allow solid, liquid and paste fillings to be added to the meat mass in the MasterFormer supply line. The MasterFormer offers a wide variety of end product possibilities with minimal waste of ingredients and maximum flexibility.


Innova Food Processing Software ties all the equipment together and empowers you to get the most out of your Marel processing equipment. Innova ensures you the most effective processing control available for individual machinery or processing lines and provides real-time data for performance monitoring, enabling you to maximize profitability.

Marel Water Treatment


Marel Water Treatment is a specialist in the treatment of industrial wastewater, mainly in the food related industries. Our water treatment solutions ensure that the waste water can safely be discharged to the sewer or surface water, reused or that the sludge can be treated.


From August 7–9, professionals from the Brazilian and South America animal protein industry will gather at Expotrade to learn more about the latest advances in food processing and packaging technologies.

Inspired by the world's largest food technology fair, Anuga FoodTec, the Anutec Brazil covers the entire food supply chain with a strong focus on the protein processing industry.



Start date:
7 Aug 2018

End date:
9 Aug 2018

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Curitiba, Brazil