Marel unveils many developments at IPPE

During the 2017 IPPE show, which takes place from January 31st to February 2nd in Atlanta USA, Marel will unveil a large number of new developments in the world of food processing. 

Many of the new launches will be physically present at the expo floor, to get a real touch and feel experience.

At IPPE 2017 Marel launches various solutions for the production of convenience products and sausages.

Some highlights:

V-Pump / RevoPortioner

New pump concept for QSR hamburger patties

With the V-Pump Marel introduces a new high volume pump concept, producing up to 5,000 kilos of high quality convenience products on one RevoPortioner. Core of the new technology are two alternating belt-wide pistons, delivering a uniform pressure to the forming unit, moving the meat mass over a small distance with a minimum of pressure. This retains the original meat structure and texture as much as possible, an important factor for a good bite and attractive mouth feel.

New Sausage Peeler

Marel is proud to announce the launch of their newest high capacity Sausage Peeler, developed for the peeling of large pepperoni sausages with a caliber up to 50 MM and a length up to 1500 mm. The 2850 Sausage Peeler has an improved easy-access design and is made of robust materials and long-life-parts.



Start date:
31 Jan 2017

End date:
2 Feb 2017

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Atlanta, Georgia USA

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