A successful IFFA

Tasty snacks at the Townsend Further Processing stand at IFFA 2013

Following many months of preparation and much hard work from everyone involved, on 4 May 2013 the day finally dawned that the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany opened its doors. IFFA, the leading international trade fair for processing, packaging and sales in the meat industry, is by far the most important exhibition worldwide for both Marel Meat and Townsend Further Processing. The theme of the Marel stand was ‘Discover the Future’ and there was an impressive amount of Marel equipment on display for the large crowds that thronged into the exhibition center.

Very positive

A few days after the end of the exhibition, the Marel Townsend Further Processing sales team can look back with satisfaction. Overall, the IFFA was a very positive event, during which many new contacts were made, old contacts were renewed and even a few deals were closed. Amongst these were the sale of two sausage peelers, several sausage linkers, two RevoPortioners and even a full line to an Eastern European customer.

IFFA Award


During the exhibition, the ModularOven 700 was awarded the Meat Technology Award 2013 in the category Air Conditioning and Heating Technology. One of the unique patented features of this powerful oven is its ability to create and control two distinct environments in its towers, allowing for maximum yield and capacity. The purpose of the Meat Technology Awards is to award innovative technologies that provide sustainable advantages to the meat processing industry and that foster product quality.


There were a large number of visitors to the futuristic Marel stand in Hall 8, in particular during happy hour. From the fully equipped kitchen, chef Jacques Roosenbrand and his team prepared a wide selection of tasty snacks, all made on Marel equipment. In line with the theme ‘Discover the future’, there was a video wall, a light box, interactive TV screens and interactive tables, upon which visitors could place pictures of end products in order to see the systems that were used to make them.

For both the 60,000 visitors and stand crew alike, IFFA 2013 was a hectic time that ultimately provided a great deal of added value. Six days of discussions, introductions and demonstrations have come to an end, giving visitors the chance to experience for themselves the innovations from Marel Townsend Further Processing and in this way, discovering the future.