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Another successful event

09 May 2014

Our renowned low-pressure portioning technology puts the end product's quality at the center; the end product dictates the technology and, thus, the method used. The original protein mass structure and texture of the end product is respected with an optimum, customer-specific end product, produced in an optimal process.

Globally, the popularity of convenience products is still increasing and both producers and consumers set ever-increasing requirements to end products. This and the fact that a lot more is possible, both technologically and technically, formed the basis on which we started developing completely new portioning technology. After intensive fundamental technological research, it became clear that low-pressure portioning was the right way to go. By now, low-pressure portioning is a known method and is under constant development while being supported by further research.

Townsend Further Processing Portioning Event 2014

We thought it was time to create an opportunity for customers to meet this proven technology. In this way they could experience for themselves the unbeaten portioning technology of the RevoPortioner at our Poultry Portioning Event and our Fish Portioning Event on 6, 7 and 8 May 2014. These were full, action-packed days during which the participants really got the whole RevoPortioner experience.

In total, around 70 customers from across the world made their way to our fully-equipped demo center in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. The participants from countries as near as the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and as far as the USA, Saudi Arabia and Australia started their day with some brief presentations to introduce the equipment they would be seeing.

Starting with the Poultry event on 6 and 7 May, customers were able to witness the creation of turkey burgers with a BBQ marinade that was sprayed on by the ValueSpray. Following this, chicken nuggets, whole muscle tenderloin and chicken pops were made before their eyes. The expert demo center team guided the customers along the different production lines, after which there was an opportunity to sample the products made. 

At the Fish event on 8 May, a similar format was followed. As the delicious smell of fresh fish filled the demo center, customers were treated to the sight of salmon burgers marinated with the ValueSpray, seafood fantasy figures, luxurious fish cakes and fish fillet being made.

This event gave customers the privilege of fully experiencing the innovative technology from Marel Townsend Further Processing. They saw the RevoPortioner live in action, heard all about its uniqueness and tasted its attractive products.