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Coex Skin and MasterLink for the Perfect Fresh Sausage

24 Apr 2013

Coex Skin

When it comes to sausage-making, nothing can beat the efficient, accurate equipment from Marel Townsend Further Processing, which is attracting a great deal of attention on the Marel stand. The new and improved CoexSkin is a machine for high production speeds and even better product quality through co-extrusion technology. Savings in casings and production are truly revolutionary, giving you a consistent end product at all times. Due to the superior adhesion of the casing, sausages remain straight, exhibit very little shrinkage and retain moisture well, giving you a juicy, tasty sausage. 

As well as the Coex Skin, we are also showing the MasterLink on our stand. The MasterLink can be used to produce fresh sausages with natural, alginate or collagen casings without a twist. A constant length and weight are guaranteed by this in-line portioner. It is installed after the filling pump and cuts a continuous stream of fresh sausage to a preset fixed length. It can also be placed behind the CoexSkin as a cutter, called the TurboLink. The machine ensures an attractive “natural” round shape at the end of each sausage regardless of the type of casing used, with great savings on casings.