Meat ShowHow 2015 review

On Wednesday 4 March 2015, more than 200 visitors from 140 companies around the world met at Progress Point in Copenhagen to see the latest and best in meat processing technology.

Live product demonstrations throughout the day showed visitors how Marel can help them optimize their production processes in order to respond to industry trends, such as food safety, affordable pricing and convenience products.

In addition, presentations from Marel specialists and external keynote speakers centered on the topics of efficiency, traceability and sustainability.

Marel's Mince Meat Line

In the spotlight

The focus at this year’s Meat ShowHow, was on demonstrating complete processing lines with different case-ready products. The aim was not only to show visitors how processes can be optimized but also to provide inspiration with interesting end products, such as:

  • beef steaks
  • marinated pork chops
  • schnitzels
  • minced meat blocks
  • fresh sausages, and
  • hamburgers.
Coating to perfection

Coating to perfection

After trimming, pork loins are crust frozen, cut into thin chops and flattened into schnitzels. Then products are battered and breaded. The perfectly coated products are now ready to find their way to the customer!

Improving the value of trim

During the day, the various lines demonstrated received a tremendous amount of attention. Visitors were particularly keen to see the minced meat lines and the trim handling and grinding-mixing applications. They were able to experience for themselves how this equipment can improve the value of trim, for example by creating hamburgers on a RevoPortioner, and meet the demands of ever more price-conscious consumers.

Meat ShowHow

Universal Fresh Sausage line

Another full line solution is the Universal Fresh Sausage line. The Pork Fresh Sausage line started at the DeboFlex deboning line. Pork trim then passes through the Trim Management System to grinding and mixing. After mixing, the minced pork meat is led to a MasterLink, an in-line portioner used to produce fresh sausages. The ready products are conveyed to the ModularLoader.

Innovation Through Partnership

A new feature at the Meat ShowHow was the 'Innovation Box' where visitors had the opportunity to meet Marel’s R&D team and discuss and brainstorm new end products and trends in the industry.