Sausages, anyone?

02 Aug 2017

The majority of fresh sausages made around the world are made from pork. Fresh pork sausages – along with hot dogs and bologna – are among the most popular processed meat products in the world.

The Marel Universal Fresh Sausage Line can produce, in a highly-automated process, up to 36,000 fresh sausages per hour. It is also highly flexible and can pack a wide variety of sausages with either natural, prefab collagen or alginate casings.

Optimum flexibility

The Universal Fresh Sausage Line is modular and can be expanded according to need. It allows for fast changeovers between different end-product types and the length and diameter of a sausage can be altered easily, even during production.

Savings on casings

The Universal Fresh Sausage Line enables substantial savings on casings as it forms the sausage in individual portions, and cuts them into links that have an attractive, natural round shape. When a co-extrusion setup is used, savings on casings can be even greater, since casing gel is less expensive than natural casing or preformed collagen casing.

  • Full range of fresh sausages in one flexible system
  • Inline, highly automated process
  • Suitable for different casings
  • Savings on labor and casings
  • Quality and yield control with integral Innova Food Processing Software