Successful Sausage Technology Showcase

Further Processing Sausage Technology Showcase

Marel hosted their 2016 Sausage Technology Showcase at its new Innovation Center in Des Moines on Thursday, May 26th.

The Showcase was a two day event that focused on sausage production in North America. On display was a Townsend NL Linker, new 2800 Peeler, the Universal Sausage Line with ModularLoader and the in-house QX system.

Further Processing Sausage Technology Showcase

Each day began with the NL Linker and 2800 Peeler running products. Product Managers, John Weiss and Jeff Gilchrist, explained the benefits of each machine along with the technical aspects of the products that ran. Up next was the Universal Fresh Sausage Line with Modular Loader. Soazig Pinheiro and Christian Rouillard, both of Marel France, explained the flexibility of the line with its ability to run natural, collagen and alginate. All the participants who attended were impressed with this “one line, one foot print” solution.

After a short break for lunch the attendees heard a brief discussion on the North American sausage market from AAMP Executive Director Chris Young. Following Chris’ talk the attendees then sampled and discussed a variety of sausage products that are currently available in North America.

Further Processing Sausage Technology Showcase

The day concluded with a demonstration of the QX. Tony Haun, Process Technologist for Marel, ran product and explained the full process and technology behind the QX system.

Participants in the Sausage Technology Showcase received the full experience of how Marel can be a partner in their success.

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