Upgrades for the RotoCrumb

10 Dec 2015

RotoCrumb update

The RotoCrumb from Marel Townsend handles a wide range of products and is well known for handling coarse and fragile coatings.

We now offer an upgrade for the RotoCrumb that offers an extended life-time of the belt and leads to a higher up-time. All in all your RotoCrumb will run better for a longer time, with virtually no risk of belt breakage.

RotoCrumb service letter

At a glance...

The retrofit kit for your RotoCrumb offers an overflow mechanism, improved process settings, new motors and better sensors. These improvements lead to an optimized uptime, a longer life-time of the belt and a better and more stable performance.

Your RotoCrumb can do what it is meant to do, for a longer time: produce a wide variety of perfectly coated end products!