Innovative Cooked/Smoked Sausage

Innovative Cooked/Smoked sausage productionMarel offers a complete range of innovative, highly automated co-extrusion solutions for the high capacity production of all your cooked-smoked sausages (like hotdogs, breakfast/dinner sausages and frankfurters).

Core of the innovative QX Technology production system is a nozzle that extrudes a continuous flow of meat mix and a thin layer of casing gel at the same time. The ‘endless sausage’ is brined and the gel solidifies into a collagen, alginate or a hybrid casing.

We cover all production stages, from meat preparation to final product dispatch and even cook-in-the-pack, for an unequalled high level of food safety.

We can supply the perfect system to suit all your needs.

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QX Link Sausage System

QX Link Sausage System

A system that simultaneously extrudes a continuous flow of meat mix and a thin outside layer of gel, making the casing as the sausage is produced, prior to cooking/smoking and packing.