Control and monitor

your slaughtering process

Innova Slaughter Control allows processors to control and monitor key points in the slaughter process in real time while ensuring traceability and execution of quality control procedures. The system is fully integrated with other Innova modules.


  • All operator terminals are offered with a user-friendly touch screen interface.
  • Advanced product specification calculations.
  • Export of data to other systems, such as payment systems.
  • Report package.
  • The system integrates seamlessly with the Inventory, Quality Control, StreamLine, Labeling, Yield Control and Integration Services modules.
  • Support for passport scanning.
  • Connection to grading devices and rail control systems.
  • Individual terminals can be easily adapted to local requirements.

Processing stations

The Slaughter control solution consists of several stations conducting specific tasks or functions. Together they build a complete solution to control and monitor the slaughtering process.

  • Reception of live animals
  • Sequencing
  • Veterinary inspection
  • Classification
  • Process weighing

Reception of live animals

The reception terminal is used to record information about animals received at the slaughterhouse. The terminal can be used to update animal information previously received electronically or to record all information about the animals as they are received.

  • Manual or automatic scanning of animal identifier using barcode or other types of identifiable item
  • Create purchase orders with information about supplier, transporter etc.
  • Register or update animal information
  • Weight of animal can be recorded (optional)


On this terminal animals are sequenced into the slaughter line. Here the animal receives its slaughter number.

  • Display animal information relevant to the slaughter line operators
  • Register time of slaughter
  • Optional weighing
  • Optional printing of traceability labels

Inspection station

The inspection station is used for inspection of various animal parts. A slaughter line can have multiple inspection stations.

  • Veterinary inspections are performed with this station.
  • Inspection procedures can be customized to fit local requirements.
  • Enables real-time monitoring and rapid response to quality deviations.


The classification terminal registers the classification and weight of the animal and prints the final slaughter label. The terminal assigns one or more product specifications to the animal and sets the correct product code for the sides.

  • Registers classification and weight
  • Printing of slaughter labels
  • Product specification calculations
  • Assignment to correct inventory
  • Support for Carometec grading devices

Process weighing station

A process weighing station can be installed anywhere on the slaughter line where the registration of animal or side weights for yield calculation is required. The number of process weighing stations and the needs depends on how the process flows.

  • Register weight for yield purposes
  • Printing of traceability labels
  • Display animal information
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