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Gain operational advantage with the right software. Our team has developed solutions for every aspect of poultry processing; from live bird handling and fillet processing to order planning and logistics. Innova lets you monitor the complete value chain in real-time, achieve full traceability and manage the QC process without paper. Power your production with modular, flexible and user-friendly software designed to help you maintain your competitive edge.

  • Knowledge and understanding of poultry processing challenges and expectations
  • Full production control with a cohesive, integrated software solution
  • Flexible, modular software for all sizes of production
  • Professional project management methodologies

Innova Food Processing Software in poultry processing

“With Innova, we have a market leading, agile Manufacturing Execution System solution that can easily be adapted to our changing requirements, while still allowing for unified product packaging and branding. At the same time we benefit from process continuity on a national level across multiple processing facilities.”

Barend Nolte 
MIS Manager Poultry Division, Astral Operations Ltd, South Africa



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Product Distribution

For Poultry Processors

Innova integrates with Marel equipment that focuses on the overhead track shackle process. A range of modules covering the entire inline process from live-bird handling to cut-up and deboning. Innova collects relevant product data that is used to maximize product value. Functionality such as flock tracking enables Marel to offer poultry processors with the most extensive production control solution.

  • Integrated flock tracking
  • Live-bird container weighing
  • Camera grading inline weighing
  • Recipe control
  • Fixed-weight batching


Control single devices or a full range of equipment with Innova

Added value

For Poultry Processors

Poultry processing companies looking for greater efficiency are increasingly focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) that empower them to gauge how effectively their plant is operating.


Yield has a significant and direct impact on profit, making it one of the most important KPIs in fresh poultry meat processing. Given that 65 – 75% of production costs stem from raw materials, poultry processors must maintain complete control of yields and giveaway at every stage of production.

Inaccurate processing, check weighing and/or inexact packing can result in considerable losses every day. Even very small fluctuations in giveaway can result in substantial losses – or substantial profits.

Standard data interfaces for all production data ensure that your ERP and other accounting systems can upload and work
with Innova data.

Throughput reflects efficiency

Regardless of the size or scale of their operation, all poultry financial benefits from the investments they make in advanced equipment.

As a result, stringent monitoring of throughput is essential in order to analyze whether or not set goals have been reached, and to constantly improve efficiency.


These numbers from the poultry industry illustrates the financial benefits of close, continuous monitoring of production yields.

Improvement + or - per year
Fillet yield + 0.25 200,000 kg
Product loss - 0.25% 275,000 kg
Uptime +0.5% 20 hours
Giveaway - 0.5% 400,000 kg


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