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The Innova Yield control module is a reliable real-time yield management system that helps users to increase profits significantly. Innova enables you to monitor yield for individual processing lines and can use all data capture processes to set up different yield control points.


Innova Real-time Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of processing

Yield has a significant, direct impact on the bottom line as it often reflects a company’s overall competitiveness. Since 70-75% of the cost of the final product stems from the raw material, it is vital to closely control the actual yield against the expected yield. Even very small deviations can have a substantial financial impact on the profitability of the business because of the ever increasing amount food being processed.

  • Better yield control ultimately increases profits
  • A flexible data registration, monitoring and reporting system for yield control applications
  • Integrates with other Innova modules to provide additional yield data
  • Multiple yield points defined to combine various aspects of the production process
  • Configurable control screen to view real-time performance


Innova Yield Control supports a wide range of scales and can work with other Innova modules to provide additional yield data. Multiple yield points can be defined to combine the various aspects of the production process in different ways.

Control screen

A configurable control screen allows the operator to manage the system and view its status in real time. Data from the entire production process can be made available in yield reports and on control screens.

Profit margins

By implementing a reliable real-time yield management system, many companies can improve profitability significantly. A one to two percent increase in yields on the high value primary product can mean a payback time of fewer than 18 months. Innova’s Yield Control module enables real-time monitoring of the yield, which provides you with the tools to react quickly should the actual yield deviate from the expected.

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