Onsite System Inspection

Your Best Insurance Against Downtime

Innova Onsite System Inspection helps minimize unexpected downtime through preventive maintenance to the database, network, server or other critical IT infrastructure.

Our specialists make regular onsite visit to ensure maximum availability and performance.

  • Keeps system in an optimal state to ensure performance
  • Reduces costly downtime through preventive maintenance
  • Evaluates users and operators, and devises ongoing training plans

Database check

Using regular database checks and maintenance, the database is kept in optimal state based on database size and growth, data availability and hardware setup. Recommendations for further actions if needed.

Server check

Collect and analyze disk utilization and space, memory usage. Event logs reviewed and handled based on severity. Recommendations for further actions if needed.

Network check

Check if network performance is optimal and correct any minor bottleneck or errors. Recommendations for further actions if needed.

Software upgrade evaluation

Inform about new features and functionality review. Key benefits of upgrading the Innova system to latest version.

Training evaluation

Evaluate current competence level of customer’s personnel running and using the system (IT, production and management) and suggest training or other actions.

Innova Services


To order Innova service please contact your local sales and service unit directly or call us.

+45 89 30 42 50

Monday – Friday 8.00 – 16.00 (GMT+1)

Please note: 24/7 support line is available for contracted customers only.

Support Line


Provides access to emergency support for critical incidents outside normal working hours and is available 24/7/365.

Life Cycle


Our Life Cycle Support program provides users with rights to all new version releases, which are released on a regular basis.



Designed for IT and technical personnel, operations and production managers, and shop-floor operators.

System Inspection


Includes a suite of services designed to keep the Innova software and IT infrastructure in an optimal state.

Remote System


Based on remotely connecting to customer system and performs predefined tasks according to our best practice.



Designed to focus on specific improvement tasks with clear financial and business goals for customer operations.

Software Updates


Innova is continuously developed to fit changing market needs and requirements.