Innova User Conference - Fish


This event brings together Innova Food Processing Software users from the fish industry to help them realize the full potential of Innova. Our Innova specialists will provide focused training, assistance, and will answer questions throughout the event. Their goal is to help attendees become advanced Innova users.

The conference is designed for Innova users and managers who are responsible for production and product quality, and we encourage participants to learn from one another during the two-day event.

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Start Date:
26 Sep 2017

End Date:
27 Sep 2017


Web Site:

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our solutions explained

Innova ensures reliable data collection, providing full traceability throughout the system. It includes real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as yield, throughput, quality, capacity and labor efficiency, all in real time.

The Innova team

Our dedicated team of developers, programmers and processing experts  are here to deliver the exact systems you need to stay ahead of the industry’s ever-changing trends.

Full product portfolio

Innova Food Processing Software is scalable and covers every aspect of food production. You can utilize a single module or install complex, integrated plant wide systems.

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See what our customers have to say. Here you can explore case studies and testimonials from key players in the industry.