3 August 2018

Adapting to the food future

Kuna FoodService has always taken great pride in providing the highest quality products in the business while paying attention to the details. This strategy has helped them grow their business and retain loyal customers for decades.

The highest quality using the highest tech

The company invested in Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software to better monitor their yields from a variety of suppliers. According to Dan Fernandez, Kuna’s Meat Unit Production Manager, the great selling point of implementing Innova Software was the ease of use, real-time data and reporting functionality with the built-in traceability to monitor their many individual suppliers.

According to Fernandez, the results of using Innova were noticed very quickly; “The productivity of the processing room has increased tenfold. We now rely on the Marel machinery to produce volume at a reasonable rate.”

Dan Fernandez at Kuna FoodService

Perhaps what has been the most interesting aspect of implementing Innova for Kuna FoodService has been that they were able to adapt and grow within the same space.  Fernandez says that; “The changes that Kuna has made with the machinery and software has allowed us to keep the footprint the same, but be able to take on large volume customers.”

Timing is the essence of quality

Data is revolutionizing the meat processing industry. Traceability, labeling, and full monitoring of production data are essential to be competitive and meet stricter health regulations. Dan Fernandez points out that with the help of Innova, “We are now able to fulfill very large orders of portion steaks just in time, that without the machinery, or the software, Kuna FoodService would not be able to keep those customers or be able to accommodate those customers of large volume or large demand.”

The real-time data allows Kuna them to be able to make just-in-time changes to improve yields and improve the profitability of the meat shop.

The details are in the label

Innova Food Processing Software helped Kuna meet another pressing need in the industry – full traceability. “Innova allows us to keep records throughout each day and traceability for USDA records from not only start, but also now to finish. We have traceability of what goods were used to cut each individual steak. If the USDA has a recall from a specific supplier, I would be able to, instead of throwing out a whole bunch from that day, narrow the recall down to the exact cases, or to the exact sub primal. This of course gives me? tremendous peace of mind.”

This ability to document and detail any product provides tremendous peace of mind for many large customers and food service suppliers.

Through thick and thin: Marel is there for you

Marel have established long-term relationships with customers and depend on their loyalty by providing exceptional service.

As Dan Fernandez observed during our work with Kuna; “We have very good communication with Marel. It’s always easy to get a hold of one of the contacts for solving issues or questions that I might have.”

About Kuna Foodservice

Founded in 1918 as a small butcher shop serving south St. Louis, Missouri USA, Kuna FoodService is still family run and serving customers throughout the mid-west region. The business remains the largest privately owned foodservice company and steak processor to supply the area with a full range of products.

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