We are dedicated to helping food processors around the world introduce systems that will ensure they can operate productively and sustainably.

Food logistic systems

At Marel, we have years of experience in helping food processors to implement intralogistics solutions in wet as well as dry production and distribution areas. We work as a partner, ensuring organizations are able to develop an intralogistics infrastructure that is tailor-made to suit them.

What we offer

Project development

When it comes to introducing the correct intralogistics solutions, it is important that it be part of the initial design and build process of any new site, rather than a late consideration. However, we are also able to enhance and retrofit existing locations and sites, ensuring all food processors can improve operations and increase levels of productivity.

What we offer

About Marel Intralogistics

<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Marel has built its global reputation on being able to provide high quality, advanced, and innovative solutions and equipment for organizations in the food processing industry. </span></p>