From October 8th to 12th, the ExpoCenter in Moscow, Russia, will host the 23rd international Agroprodmash exhibition. At our stand, Marel Meat will present the latest innovations in meat processing.

As a supplier of integrated systems to the Russian red meat industry – we put huge focus on knowing red meat and meat processes during the production value chain – from primary through secondary and further processing. 


We understand the influence of one part of the process and the result or effect in another – and with high technology systems and advanced software we can help ensure optimum processing efficiency and raw material utilization.

At Agroprodmash we will focus on slaughter line robots. We see that the pork processing industry is changing their slaughter methods from the conventional manual handling to an automated and robot-driven process. 

The M-Line slaughter robots from Marel Meat – using articulating arms – include: 

  • Pubic Bone-Belly Breast Opener
  • Bung Remover
  • Splitting Saw
  • Neck Cutter 

A major feature of the M-Line robots is the patented “TwinTool” concept, which results in increased shelf life of the final pork product. In the “TwinTool” concept, each robot has a double-acting tool, meaning that when one tool is in operation, the second tool is being sterilized. 

Marel Intra-logistics

Cost-effective intra-logistic systems are needed in most businesses today as part of the move towards automation. The intra-logistics systems from Marel are modular making them easy to fit into new as well as already existing plants.

Innova Food Processing Software interfaced into the systems ensure full control of the products throughout the complete processing, storage and distribution process.

Marel Intra-logistics systems include 

  • conveying
  • robotic palletizing / de-palletizing
  • order picking and labelling
  • crate washing
  • storage and retrieval
Marel Water Treatment

Marel Water Treatment

An important subject in contemporary poultry and meat processing is Water Treatment. Russian processors, just like processors all over the world, face main challenges concerning water supply, energy use, increasing operating costs and higher concentrations of pollutants. All these issues require water treatment solutions and systems that comply with local laws and regulations. Marel Water Treatment offers systems capable of purifying water to any desired degree of purification, customized to each individual situation. At the same time Marel supports the processor to save on water use, treatment and elimination of water, at the same time creating ecological, profitable and energy saving systems.

All industries

From all industries involved – Marel Meat, Marel Poultry, Further Processing, Intra Logistics and Water Treatment – we will have plenty of professionals on board to inform you about all our advanced technologies. Among them Rob van Son, Yuriy Mikaelyan, Johann Arnold, Marco Solleveld, Danila Mikhailov, Artem Rankovskiy and Kirill Tchizhikov. They will be happy to discuss with you all options for your individual situation.

Please visit the Marel booth and find out how we can support your processing operations.
Agroprodmash, 8 - 12 October 2018, ExpoCenter, Moscow, Russia



Start date:
8 Oct 2018

End date:
12 Oct 2018

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Moscow, Russia