Logistics & Distribution Madrid

We invite you to join us at Logistics & Distribution in Madrid to find out more about our intra-logistics solutions for the food processing industry and distribution centers.

Our specialists will be available to provide you with detailed advice on integrated system solutions including.

  • Conveying systems (belt conveyors, roller conveyors and accumulation conveyors)
  • Material handling equipment (sorters, de-stackers, palletizers and de-palletizers, lifts and handling robots)
  • Automatic storage and retrieval systems (automatic cranes, shuttles and racking)
  • Order picking and labelling systems
  • Empty crate buffer systems
  • Crate washing systems
  • Electrical hardware and software solutions
  • Interactive control and system overview

We look forward to seeing you in Madrid.


Start date:
7 Nov 2017

End date:
8 Nov 2017

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Madrid, Spain

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