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Advancing food processing

At the Meat ShowHow 2018 we will demonstrate processing systems and software that help add value and diversity to your product lines.

  • DISCOVER solutions for primary, secondary and further processing.
  • SEE hands-on demonstrations of our industry-leading equipment and software solutions.
  • MEET our specialists and gain valuable processing insights.
  • TASTE the different end-products that can be produced with our systems.
  • HEAR guest speakers address some of today’s key processing challenges.
  • TALK with fellow professionals and continue the conversations over dinner.

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With hands-on demonstrations running throughout the day, we will show how our industry-leading equipment and software solutions help processors organize their daily production and address the critical factors that affect raw material utilization, processing times, labor costs and food safety.

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Pre-event seminar

If you’re arriving the day before the Meat ShowHow, we invite you to also attend our seminar on Digital Transformation in the Meat Industry (Progress Point, Tuesday March 6, 2018 - 16.00 – 18.00).

Equipment on display

A wide range of Marel’s industry-leading equipment will be on display, including new machines, standalone units and complete integrated processing lines. Highlights include:

Systems and equipment on display at the Meat ShowHow

Guest speakers and networking

Guest speakers are invited to the Meat ShowHow every year to address topics relevant to the red meat industry. The Meat ShowHow is also a great opportunity to meet and talk with fellow professionals from the global red meat industry.

Guest speakers

At the end of the day

After a day full of demonstrations and presentations, we invite you to join us for dinner and entertainment in a more informal and relaxed setting in Copenhagen.

More information

See the full agenda for Meat ShowHow 2018.

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Watch interviews with guest speakers, see customer reviews and also the processing lines demonstrated at previous Meat ShowHows.



Start date:
7 Mar 2018

End date:
7 Mar 2018

Progress Point, Copenhagen