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We ‘meat’ your processing needs

The continuously growing focus on automation along the entire meat processing chain is closely linked to the growing use of information technology. Hygiene and traceability are of crucial importance, requiring full monitoring of all processes along with the continuous documentation of origin and production data, in the interests of consumer protection. 

This is where Marel come in. For many years, we have been working closely with some of the most forward-thinking meat processors, and over the years we have built up a wealth of know-how and practical expertise in this field. We translate our knowledge on food technology into designing and manufacturing innovative, top quality machines and systems.

Your end product: our starting point

No matter what product you want to make, no matter what process you want to improve: Marel is your best choice. We offer solutions for deboning, trimming, portioning, packing, sausage making, marinating, coating, heat treatment and many more.

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Streamline - From carcass intake to product dispatch

A Marel StreamLine will enable you to monitor and control your meat processing from a-z. Quarters from Stock are weighed-in to the deboning hall, where it is cut down and weighed before entering the StreamLine for deboning and trimming to customer specifications. Primals are distributed based on operator availability. The weight of the trim, fat and finished product is registered and compared to the incoming weight to get online real-time performance and yield figures.


Portion Cutter - Portioning of boneless meat

The Marel Portion cutters are developed specifically for the fast and accurate portion cutting of boneless meat products – to fixed weight and/or length. 360° scanning ensures exceptionally accurate and consistent measuring results, avoiding unseen areas and shadow effects.