Customer story

Accurate portion control with I-Cut 55

24 Mar 2014

A lack of skilled butchers, a need for consistent weight and quality and a desire for greater flexibility led Adelaide-based Austral Meat to purchase an I-Cut 55 portion cutter for its beef processing operations. It is a decision they have not regretted.

Marel's I-Cut 55 at Austral Meat

As Darren Lamp from Austral Meat explains, “We were looking to automate our portion cutting both as labour replacement and because we wanted to ensure accurate portion control. 90% of the time we cut fixed-weight beef steaks for food service customers – so accurate portioning is paramount.”

A positive experience

“When looking for a portion cutter to replace cutting by hand, we looked at various possibilities, but the alternatives were nowhere near the I-Cut 55 in terms of accuracy and technology,” states Darren Lamp.

Since installation, we’ve experienced a significant increase in yield and bigger throughput, which together result in a very good return on our investment.

- Darren Lamp, Austral Meat

Taking ownership

Right from the day of installation, Austral Meat has put a couple of operators in charge of the
I-Cut 55. This has given positive results because these operators then take on responsibility and feel a sense of “ownership” for the machine.

Operator Mark Strudwick is happy with what he considers “his” machine. “I have to make sure the machine is always ready and is fully operational in the mornings and after breaks. That’s no problem, because the I-Cut 55 is easy to work with. It doesn’t involve a lot of difficult programming to run it, and we can change the programs very quickly.”

Austral Meat

Austral Meat is a privately owned company that has been in business for 22 years. The company supplies fresh beef, pork and lamb products to other Australian food processors, wholesalers and food service companies, using brands that include Austral Meat and Strath Pastoral. Approximately 120 people work at the company’s two sites.

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