Accurate portioning of meat made easy

04 Jun 2018

With consumer demands evolving, food processors are seeking evermore technologically advanced portioning equipment and solutions to fulfill what is being asked for.


As an example, the food service sector has taken to the portioning machine, with a move away from manual cutting of steaks, to ensure same weight and thickness.


  • Multi-language, user-friendly and intuitive operation
  • Superior accuracy
  • Full yield control - minimal giveaway
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean design


The I-Cut 130 PortionCutter uses a new vision system and flexible software to improve accuracy and optimize each cut of meat while reducing giveaway.

Handling up to 1,000 cuts per minute, it integrates with Marel Innova Food Processing Software to enable remote programming and real-time monitoring and reporting. Customers are looking for machines that deliver accuracy and offer high levels of flexibility and the capacity to automate.

Also consumer habits are changing from thicker to thinner steaks. This is a trend seen particularly in Europe in recent years.


Many elements of a meat factory are still quite labor-intensive. A lot of the work can be overtaken by advanced machinery, which often is more accurate; allowing the skilled workforce to benefit other areas.


  • Next generation laser and mirror vision system ensures greatest possible accuracy.
  • Active product holder arms and back hold fork for efficient product stability during portioning process of round and odd-shaped products.
  • High-speed portioning – up to 1000 cuts per minute.


  • Powerful computer with innovative cutting capabilities and superior programming flexibility.
  • Automatic, dynamic belt speed adjustment for higher throughput.
  • Knife speed adjustable to suit each individual product.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly and multilingual operation via 15” easy-to-operate touch screen.
  • Remote programming and reporting abilities via Innova Food Processing Software