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Bandsaw boosts business

08 Sep 2008

Bandsaw boosts Tim Vlcek's business

Bandsaw boosts business

Providing beef and pork steaks to customers in the hotels, restaurants and institutions (HRI) sector calls for the ability to respond quickly to orders. Tim Vlcek is meeting these requirements with the help of an AEW THURNE 400 Bandsaw. Purchased in 1994, the bandsaw has helped Vlcek's grow its market share and increase its customer base throughout Chicago.

Vlcek's is based in a modern USDA approved plant in Broadview, Illinois, and employs 15 people. Tim Vlcek is the third generation of the family to work in the food sector and, like his grandfather Charlie Vlcek, decided to concentrate on the HRI market. He took over the business from his father in 1990.

"I saw an AEW THURNE Bandsaw at work back in 1991 and admired its speed and quality of cut but I didn't have room for it then," commented Tim Vlcek. "In 1994 things had changed and I purchased the 400 model. It's great, cuts are better and cleaner, yields are higher and cleaning is easy. It is economical on blades and the 'turn-to-stop' blade tensioning feature takes the guess work out of blade tensioning quickly and simply.

"Our operators love the 400 and that shows in the increased productivity figures. When the time is right we're going to have one of those big AEW THURNE machines."