Customer story

Batching on target at Jensen’s kitchen

17 Nov 2014

When Danish meat producer Jensen’s Kitchen wanted to switch from manual to automatic weighing and batching of its spare ribs, a TargetBatcher from Marel turned out to be the right choice, for several reasons. Not only is the TargetBatcher capable of handling sticky marinated spare ribs, but giveaway and efficiency have improved as well.

Jensen’s Kitchen is the major supplier of spare ribs for the retail market in Denmark, as well as for Jensens Bøfhus’ steakhouse restaurants. Production manager Morten Sørensen explains the difference the TargetBatcher has meant to his company.

“The challenge of automatically weighing and batching products as sticky as ours has been solved with the TargetBatcher. When the weighing scales flip downwards, the products simply slide right off”. Installing the TargetBatcher has also meant a significant difference in giveaway.

“Previously we had several people manually weighing each product on small scales before packing. Now with this line we have reduced our giveaway with 28%, explains Sørensen.

While product giveaway has been reduced, efficiency has doubled. “The major improvement in giveaway, combined with increased efficiency, resulted in a short payback time on the machine of only 6–8 months,” he continues.

With efficiency now doubled, Jensen’s Kitchen is today running with a throughput of 25 tons per day during the peak season.

Working with Marel

To keep up with the increased market for convenience foods, the right capacity and equipment are essential. Having worked with Marel for several years, Jensen’s Kitchen see how they can benefit from the extended product range on offer, including equipment from Stork Poultry Processing and Townsend Further Processing.

“Our spare ribs run through a Stork oven, a Townsend marinating unit and a Marel freezer before arriving at the TargetBatcher. We are very pleased with both the equipment and the 24-hour service agreement that we have with Marel. And from our perspective it is of course an advantage that in the future we will only have one entry point when looking for this kind of equipment,” concludes Jensen’s Kitchen production manager Morten Sørensen.

About Jensen's Kitchen

Jensen’s Kitchen was established as supplier to the Jensen’s Bøfhus steakhouse restaurants. Today the company also supplies the retail market inside and outside Denmark. Products include meat and poultry products such as spare ribs, tenderloin and hot wings, along with a variety of sauces known from the Jensen’s Bøfhus restaurants.