22 Feb 2018

Marel's DeboFlex

Pork fore-end and leg deboning made easy

Current pork deboning technology is based primarily on pace lines where products are transported on a belt in a random flow and worked on by highly skilled staff.

DeboFlex is a groundbreaking solution for deboning pork fore-ends and legs. It uses an overhead conveyor, fitted with special rotatable carriers for gripping fore-ends or legs, which transports them in a controlled flow past workstations.

Main Benefits

  • Lower labor costs
  • Higher yield
  • Improved quality and shelf life
  • Better logistics

Increases “knife in meat” time

With DeboFlex the fore-end or leg is gripped firmly in the carrier and positioned automatically for each task. This saves time and allows operators to concentrate fully on the task in hand.

De-skills the process into individual tasks

DeboFlex splits and de-skills the deboning process into simpler individual tasks. Operators focus on doing one task only.

Better working environment

Marel's DeboFlex

Height adjustable workstations, also available with chairs, and integrated knife sharpeners have been ergonomically designed to create a comfortable, stress-free and safe working environment.

Automation too

DeboFlex allows some operations to be done automatically resulting in a more consistent end product. Each DeboFlex system includes automatic modules for loading fore-ends or legs into the carriers and for cutting the low foot. Automatic options include in-line de-skinners, Eisbein cutting equipment for shoulders and shoulder blade removers.

Better hygiene and longer shelf life

In the DeboFlex system, there is no product to product contact and far less cross-contaminating hand to product contact. Also cross contamination from skin to end products is reduced to absolute minimum.

Marel's DeboFlex

Consistently better results at lower operating cost

Perfect positioning, attention to operator ergonomics and more “knife in meat” time translate into higher yield, improved quality and greater line efficiency.By de-skilling the process and making it less physically demanding, labor can be recruited from a wider pool of people.


DeboFlex is a flexible system whose composition will depend on individual customer requirement. It can start small and grow, replacing an existing pace line or StreamLine, completely or in part.

DeboFlex can be used to de-bone only (DeboFlex Basic) with a pace line or StreamLine for the rest of the process.

De-skinning, de-fatting, dividing and trimming can always be added at a later stage (Deboflex Extended).

By investing in DeboFlex you can be sure that you will be ready for the future.

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