Customer story

Increasing food safety with the Trim Inspection System

24 Feb 2016

German company Haas GmbH is a medium-sized, family-owned company supplying meat and sausage pizza toppings to the further processing industry.

The company recently installed Marel’s Trim Inspection System for the checking of bone fragments in their products.

“In addition to taste, product safety is one of the most important issues for our customers,” says Achim Hass, owner of Haas GmbH.

“All of the products that are processed here are visually inspected by butchers. But to ensure that we remove absolutely all foreign material from the meat we decided to install the Trim Inspection System.”

Humans are not perfect, and even the most skilled, experienced operators cannot see everything with the human eye, including tiny bone fragments in the final product.

But the Trim Inspection System’s x-ray capabilities ensure that bone fragments of all sizes are identified and removed before the product is delivered to a customer.

Using the Trim Inspection System, we have been able to find even more bones and bone fragments in the meat, thus increasing product safety. This provides added value for us and for our customers.

- Achim Hass, owner of Haas GmbH

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