Innova: Update… and upstage the competition!

10 Oct 2016


Welcome to the highlights of released Innova updates. We’ve compiled a list of the latest updates and an overview of the ones we think you’d like to know about from our earlier releases. They have made our software better, enhanced performance and made it even easier to use.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest performance enhancing updates as well as items from our Innova release archive:

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Innova software solutions

Our Quality Control Module Just Got Better

The Innova Quality Control module allows quality personnel to collect quality related information at designated control points. Now the system can be used to define Quality Control inspection procedures centrally or do core configuration from a central site and add plant-specific procedures locally.  The latest generation of the QC module also contains a number of features that make the QC manager’s life much easier and improve the data collection process.

  • Inspection viewer
  • Data audit trail
  • Multi-step inspections
  • Offline inspection client
  • Non-conformity registrations
  • End-user report designer
  • Dashboard components
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Camera support
  • New response types

Innova Release 5.4.2

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Innova software solutions

Labeling Flexibility at Your Fingertips

The Innova Labeling module might not be brand new but it’s been one of our most popular additions to any Innova system since its release in 2013.  The Innova Labeling system is a powerful label design and printing system. The system is fully integrated with other Innova modules making it very easy to create and manage label designs. 

Create labels for different printers

If you’ve got Innova, this is the labelling software that delivers superior performance and flexibility in label management.  With the label management and design system you can easily create labels that can be used on multiple types of printers. The printer management system streamlines printer installment, configuration and monitoring.  

A variety of fonts and graphics

Production data is automatically merged with pre-defined label layouts by the systems print engine at runtime, making labelling accurate and efficient. Working with graphics and different fonts is easy and there’s no need to download anything to the printer.

Innova Release 5.3.1

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The Right Report – Control Your Report Design

Service technicians and advanced users can now create custom reports without using external tools or having to build DLLs. The new Innova Report Designer allows you to create new reports using custom queries or standard data sources provided by Innova modules. You can create new reports based on standard templates and modify them.  You can also drag-and-drop components within a report and custom create your own.  The new Report Designer gives you flexibility and freedom to get the information you need in the layout you want. 

Key features:

  • Organize reports in the menu
  • Use the standard Innova report criteria system
  • Set default values for standard report criteria
  • Hide criteria for standard reports
  • Tabular reports and charts
  • Data grouping and sorting 
  • Pivot table reports
  • Scripting 

Innova Release 5.4.1

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Innova software solutions

Sorting in Sync - Grading Module Additions

The Innova Grading module offers complete control of all grading operations in one system. The latest version is now in sync with the Innova core system, offering features like dynamic order control, program changes while in operation and even smartphone grader management.  

The redeveloped Innova Grading Module now offers full support for: 

  • Dynamic order control on SmartLine graders 
  • Template-based grading programs
  • Grader control via smart devices
  • OEE and alarms for all grader types

Accurate, time saving Dynamic Order Control minimizes rework

Assign prioritized orders to the SmartLine graders and produce the exact amount of orders in the right sequence with the new Dynamic Order Control feature in the grading module. This allows the grader to handle gate allocation automatically for fixed weight and CL-target products and pack them using intelligent batching methods and multiple gates. Dynamic order control is supported on Marel’s SmartLine graders and TMS systems.

Change the running grading program on the fly

You can now change the grading program that is running from the current product settings form. This way you can configure and directly change products on a running grader without changing the underlying grading program. This saves time, gives you added control and more flexibility in production. The new update also displays production information like the current gates being used, the current order and order progress.

Control the grader from your smartphone

Control the grader from your smartphone, tablet, computer or directly on the machine with the new web based interface. All product parameters can be changed. Order progress can be monitored, the current order line can be closed and a new order line can be activated for a selected product. New products can be added and all applicable grading and batching parameters configured.

Improve equipment performance with full OEE support

The new OEE feature is now available for all grader types and support for alarms has been added for the SmartLine grader. OEE support enables you to stay top of equipment performance data, losses in production and any stoppages. Define, set and monitor OEE target performance in the Grading programs and product settings templates. OEE helps you utilize the full potential of your processing equipment, resulting in increased margins and order fulfillment rates.

Innova Release 5.5.1

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Improved User Access Control

Innova software solutions

The Innova system can now be integrated with Active Directory (AD) to import users and control access to the system.  AD groups can now be linked to Innova employee groups by the system administrator. Both user names and group membership can be synchronized for a better overview and simpler user access control. You can also by-pass the single sign-on and give users access via usernames; a useful feature for service technicians or visiting consultants who do not have AD access to the system.

Innova Release 5.5.1

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A More Powerful Product Maintenance Form

A powerful, single form for all product parameters is now a fact in Innova. Previously, multiple forms were required for the maintenance of products and product parameters.

All product info in a single form

Innova software solutions

Now information from multiple sources is collected in a single form and product parameters can be entered in one place. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of products and product parameters.

The form has a grid panel and a detail panel, both with fully designable layouts. Everything designed for easy control of the parameters you need.

Innova Release 5.4.1

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A Clean Slate – Improved Database Maintenance

Innova software solutions

Maintain a clean system with the new database maintenance program for Innova. Remove unwanted data from the database, delete data from all data tables and monitor the cleanup progress in real time.  

Split up the cleanup

You can run manual cleanup jobs when it suits you and scheduled cleanup for specific periods on specific weekdays. You can even break up the maintenance job so that the entire database is not processed every time the job runs. Detailed reports on the cleanup process and jobs are at your fingertips as well.

Innova Release 5.2.1

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Innova software solutions

The new Innova Menu Editor makes it easy to set up and configure menus for your desktop computers, on the shop floor industrial computers and your handheld devices.  

Single user interface form

To make things even easier to manage we have replaced the old menu User Interface and User Interface Item forms with a single new form, making it much easier to manage menus and configure forms. Menus can now be translated into any language and integrated at installation or uploaded for our existing users.

Innova Release 5.5.2

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