Innova v5.6.0

15 Nov 2016

A new version of the Innova Food Processing Software has been released. Customers with the Innova Life Cycle Support program have the rights to all new version releases.

Innova highlights

  • Base – Database maintenance improvements
  • Checkweighing reports
  • Support for Grading
  • A new trimming option
  • Weigh Price Labeling – Preview labels
  • Quality Control – Report update
  • Labeling – EAN-13 barcodes supported
  • Packing – Image support on buttons
  • Solutions – Improved box-sorting control

Base – Database maintenance improvements

The database maintenance module is now able to automatically rebuild indexes and update statistics for tables.

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Checkweighing reports

The checkweighing module now produces additional reports that show production results per shift and per hour.

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Support for Grading

You can now combine different product types in the same batch when using Marel A600 graders.

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A new trimming option

In the trimming module, a new option allows you to base active time measurements on whether a station is occupied or not.

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Weigh Price Labeling – Preview labels

You can now preview labels for selected products on the WPL when using the WplPackingStationCE.

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Quality Control – Report update


  • Reports indicate origin of non-conformity
  • Support for BlueTherm temperature probes
  • Documents available for viewing

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Labeling – EAN-13 barcodes supported

The Innova label designer now supports EAN-13 barcodes with two or five add-on digits for weigh price labelers and outer case markers.

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Packing – Image support on buttons

The standard packing station now has an extension which allows images to be displayed on the product buttons.

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Solutions – Improved box-sorting control

The box-sorting solution now allows a unit to be routed through multiple junctions and box sorters before it reaches its final destination.

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If you would like to get the release, please contact Haraldur Gunnlaugsson, Innova Marketing Manager.