Knowhow at the ShowHow

At the Meat ShowHow 2012, Marel demonstrated a wide range of equipment and systems available to the meat industry. The event attracted more than 150 visitors from places as far away as Japan and China.  
Equipment on show included complete systems for cutting steaks and cutlets to case-ready retail packs, marinating and packing of fresh meat products, deboning and trimming of primals, deboning of pig heads, batching of by-products and trim management.

In particular, the Pig Head Deboner and the SpeedBatcher line for fixed weight batching of by-products got a lot of attention.

During the day, visitors attended live demonstrations on each of the systems, before having the opportunity to discuss their own operations and particular application requirements in depth with Marel process consultants.

In between demonstrations, visitors had the opportunity to listen to a number of presenters. Key-note speakers representing Linden Foods – a long-time customer, Rabobank analytics and GlobalMeatNews presented their views on automation, global raw material supply and consumer trends. Much focus was naturally given to the Chinese market. 

Those who stayed for the Marel dinner were treated to a lively Oktoberfest experience with German beer, dinner and entertainment. During the evening, nail hammering contests were particularly popular.

Our annual Meat ShowHow gives customers a unique chance to experience a range of our new and existing processing equipment, systems and solutions. The Meat ShowHow involves live demonstrations running throughout the day, and presentations by guest speakers on issues relevant to the meat industry today. These occasions provide great networking opportunities.