Line automation for fixed weight packing

21 Aug 2015

Packing of steaks to fixed weight or fixed count is growing in popularity in the retail and food service sectors. It caters to consumer demand and at the same time eases logistical planning.

Marel's beef steak line is highly efficient and flexible. It enables products to be tracked through the entire production process and ensures optimal utilization of raw material. In addition, manual handling of products is minimized which increases quality and shelf life.


Primals are usually trimmed prior to portioning. They can either be purchased as primal cuts or fed directly from deboning e.g. from a StreamLine, Marel's deboning and trimming line. Having the process as an in-line operation means less product handling, better hygiene and ability to monitor yield.

The StreamLine deboning and trimming system also allows individual operator performance to be monitored.


A portion cutter - e.g. the I-Cut 55 cuts trimmed products to individual customer requirements, for example, fixed weight, fixed thickness or catch weight. The flexibility of the I-Cut 55 machine settings allow it to be used for most portioning requirements. The I-Cut 55 is suitable for both small and large operations and is prefect for frequent changeovers of product type.

Accurate portioning is a very important factor for reducing giveaway, improving yield and restricting labor requirements.

Sometimes running with crust frozen products will improve the yield and product presentation.


After portioning, the steaks are automatically or manually styled into trays which are then sealed. After tray sealing, they run through a Weigh Price Labeler to add a customer-specific retail label.

Finally, the case ready trays are manually or automatically boxed according to customer specifications. They are then labeled and palletized, dispatched or stored.

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