Customer story

Marel is central to opening ceremony at Kerchin in China

04 Jul 2013

On June 18th 2013 Kerchin, the second biggest cattle processor in China, held their opening ceremony of a brand new processing facility.

Guests gather outside
Kerchin facility before
the opening ceremony.

Marel was invited to participate at the ceremony together with approximately 500 other people including government officials, distributors, suppliers and employees.

During the ceremony, the whole delegation viewed the new facility of which the Marel StreamLine takes most of the space. The deboning and trimming line received a lot of positive attention from all the visitors.  

Although, still in the commissioning phase, the StreamLine deboning and trimming system is running extremely well. Kerchin is really happy with its performance and the president of the company, Mr. Li He is already thinking about future processing possibilities. 

The Marel deboning and trimming
system was up and running
to full satisfaction
Celebrating the opening
of the Kerchin facility
with Chinese song and music.