01 May 2013

The ProTEN is the latest addition to Marel’s range of linear press meat harvesters. It offers harvesting capacity up to 10,500 pounds of pork, beef or lamb bones input per hour with an extra yield of 5-10% compared to existing systems.

The ProTEN is capable of producing either finely structured meat to be used in cooked products like frankfurter sausages or coarsely structured meat for fresh products like hamburgers and meat balls.

The ProTEN accepts pork, beef and lamb bones, both primal and deboned parts, such as:

Pork Beef Lamb
neck bones neck bones neck bones
loin bones loin & chunk bones loin bones
breast bones brisket (breast bones) breast bones
fresh ribs rib bones aitch bones
aitch bones   rib bones
blade bones    
picnic bones    

ProTEN’s flexibility and adaptability allows you to produce the perfect raw material for different qualities and quantities of end products. A number of possibilities:

High quality High capacity
hamburgers hot dogs, frankfurters
corned beef mortadella, bologna sausage
sausage rolls luncheon meat
salami, fresh sausages