Today is all about packing, labeling and dispatch

Food processors from all over the world came together at the Packing, Labeling and Dispatch event, held at Marel’s Progress Point demonstration center in Copenhagen. The event, established in 2014, has proven itself once more as a unique opportunity for food processors across the fish, meat, and poultry industries to find out how Marel can help them optimize and control their packing, labeling, and dispatch processes.

Visitors explored Marel equipment and solutions for everything from pack to pallet; including innovative manual and semi-automatic systems, as well as software solutions that help processors optimize and control their packing, labeling and dispatch processes.

The Robot Packing Line and Integrated Packing Line, including Marel’s new VisionCheck, were on display, as well as standalone equipment and systems and a number of Innova Software Solutions such as a quality assurance inspection system for labeling and the new Innova Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) module

The ‘Innova Office’ was busy all day, giving guests the chance to experience a state-of-the-art processing facility office. The room is designed to give processors a real sense of how Marel's Innova Software Solutions can further add value to their production. 

Customers also took the opportunity during knowhow sessions and guest speaker presentations to tap into the knowledge of Marel’s own industry experts, Shanti Galfarsoro from Ulma Packaging, and Chris Ford from Coveris, who gave insights on current trends and future developments in packaging and labeling. 

“Delivering the right product, at the right time, with the correct information is crucial to any business in today’s environment” says Jens Bjarnason, Innova Manager. “Throughout the event today, we’ve been able to demonstrate how our customers can optimize and improve their performance on many fronts, and we’ve also had valuable dialogues on shaping the future of the packing, labeling, and dispatch processes in the longer term.”  

Interview with Nigel Hampson, Project Manager at Marel for End of Line. 

Today is all about packing, labeling and dispatch