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Twelve thousand steak meals a day

01 May 2013

Is it really possible to produce, prepare and serve 12,000 steak meals every day? “Yes, of course it is,” says Andrew Lee, founder and Managing Director of Steak Expert. His 23 highly regarded restaurants serve about 12,000 steak meals every day, a remarkable figure achieved through dedication to consistent quality and high standards.

As well as running and supplying the Steak Expert chain, Andrew’s company, Steak Expert Holdings, imports quality frozen beef and pork which is cut, portioned and processed then sold to other restaurants and fast food chains in Hong Kong. The cutting and portioning of steaks, beef and pork loin is done by an APC Saw that cuts high volumes (usually about five tons per day) of fixed thickness portions and five Marel AEW Delford 400 Bandsaws that are in use all day, every day.

15 years of reliable sawing

Andrew is extremely pleased with the bandsaws that he bought some 15 years ago.

The engineering and build quality is of the highest standard and they are so reliable and smooth in operation.

- Andrew Lee, founder and Managing Director

The heavy duty construction, one piece casting and balance of the 400 delivers robust, smooth running high performance with higher levels of reliability and precision than other machines.

The bandsaw 400 runs at significantly higher speeds than conventional saws, and, thanks to the unique blade guidance system, thinner blades can be used to produce cleaner cuts with minimal sawdust and no bone chips or splinters.

Greater productivity is further enhanced by fast, easy blade changing without the need for time consuming removal of table tops or guides.

Smooth, precise operation greatly reduces operator fatigue, therefore making a huge contribution to safety and of course, productivity. ‘Our operators work more safely because they don’t have to push the product hard through the saw. We have an excellent safety record, thanks to the 400.’ says Andrew.

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