Emergency Support

Anticipating the unexpected

Hardware Support

Marel provides a range of support services to counter any unplanned equipment stoppage.

Our fully trained and experienced service specialists aim to respond immediately to your needs. By remotely diagnosing (and where possible correcting) the cause of malfunction and impact on product is kept to a minimum. Should site attendance be required, our priority call management systems will ensure that this happens as quickly as possible.

You can choose to have any number of emergency visits included in your Service Level Agreement – from none to all – giving you the control to tailor an agreement that matches your exact requirements.

Feature   Benefits
  • Priority response for break/fix (emergency) calls
  • First in the queue for specialist attention
  • Minimise impact of unplanned stoppages
  • Protects profitability
  • Emergency visits can be included in the service agreement
  • Greater control over maintenance costs – known budget for the year if all are included
  • No Purchase Order required to minimise delays in attending site
  • Possible to have site-based, dedicated service specialist
  • Instant response to break/fix calls
  • Greater control over maintenance costs
  • Engineer has enhanced knowledge of specific equipment on site and production process
  • Continuous maintenance of equipment to guarantee optimal performance throughout the year
  • Engineer can provide remote technical support direct to site, and/or dial into equipment to assess fault (where available)
  • Fastest possible response, no need to visit site to fix
  • Technical support delivered by engineer who has enhanced site knowledge for better diagnosis and resolution