Performance Service

Performance Service

Marel offers a performance service for various products. With the performance service, we offer a service that completely takes the burden away from the customer for a fixed monthly fee. We provide the complete implementation, including timely delivery and replacement.

This service is offered for the following products:
  • Scraper Blocks
  • Whips
  • Chains
  • Blades/saws

Cutting performance service

When using machines with cutting blades and saws, the performance and quality are highly dependent on the sharpening; the blades and saws must be sharp and be sharpened at the correct angle.

For a fixed monthly fee, we offer a blades performance service, whereby the blades and saws of certain machines are sharpened by a specialist. Any worn blades can also be replaced. The service ensures that you will always have sharp blades and saws in your machines.