Scraper Blocks

Scraper blocks

We supply scraper blocks specifically designed for dehairing machines offering the best possible characteristics. The scraper blocks are high-quality blocks with excellent performance. The construction and the manufacturing process ensure optimal operation and bending. The following determines the quality of the hair removal and the life of the blocks:

  • Multiple rubber layers.
  • Polyamide inlays guarantee an extra long life.
  • Closed corrosion-resistant steel bushings in mounting holes.
  • High-quality rivets and blades.

There are several types of block available with different thicknesses and flexibility:

  • Repiler S
  • Repiler L
  • Repiler XL
  • Turbo Shave

We will gladly advise you on the correct choice for your scraper blocks.

The Repiler blocks are available in various versions, with differences in size and distance between the mounting holes. This allows these blocks to be applied to various types and brands of dehairing machines.

Customer story: Compaxo gains good results with the new Repiler Scraper Block