System integration

We work with system integration, which is a unique concept for the composition of the means of production. In consultation with the client, our experts determine the use of the equipment for production and intra-logistical processing. A great deal of this equipment is built by business partners of us. With the system integration, the experts ensure that the software and the operating system are used on every device, regardless of the supplier.

Unique in this process is that we also take over the ultimate responsibility for the performance of the third-party equipment. This allows the client to have equipment of preferred suppliers fully implemented in the total intra-logistics system, without having to deal with individual suppliers.

Customization by our engineers

The multidisciplinary engineering team of Marel Food Logistic Systems translates your problems in the food industry to a tailored intra-logistics system. The starting point is thinking along with the customer about integrated solutions.

First of all, we make full use of up-to-date and proven technology logistics solutions. Furthermore, the dozens of specialized engineers of Marel Food Logistic Systems provide integral work, supported by our in-house knowledge of control, machine construction, electrical engineering and software, so that they can deliver tailored projects, even on a detailed level. From system requirement to system realization. From introduction to optimization. The result is an optimal internal consistency in your business processes.