Clean slaughter

<p>To transport the paunch, red organs and heads, Marel Red Meat Slaughtering offers a complete range of discharge drains, belts and conveyors. An important aspect of the clean slaughter hall is that the veterinary inspection of the carcass and paunch, red organs and heads can take place simultaneously. Obviously, traceability is the highest priority in this section of the slaughterhouse.</p> <h4>Paunch collection and processing</h4> <p>The paunches and the carcass are simultaneously transported to the inspection on a transporter or conveyor belt. The paunches are kept separately to prevent contamination. After this inspection, the paunches are transported to a processing area.</p> <h4>Red organ extraction and cleaning</h4> <p>Red organs and heads are placed separately in a transport conveyor and transported to the veterinary inspection. If desired, a shower can wash off the organs. After this inspection, the tripe can be transported to a processing area.</p> <h4>Work area design</h4> <p>The dressing of cattle is often done from adjustable work platforms on which the employee can choose the correct height so that he can perform his work ergonomically and hygienically. To this end, Marel Red Meat Slaughtering supplies a range of different platforms, equipped with the necessary sanitary equipment.</p>