<p><span>We offer a full range of mechanical dehiders, with and without carcass stimulation, suitable for capacities from 15 to 100 cattle per hour.</span></p> <h4><span>Dehiding technique</span></h4> <p>Nowadays, the vertical downward dehiding technique is very common. The advantage is that the skin on the clean carcass remains free of contamination and that the front feet do not need to be fixed.</p> <p>In vertical dehiding, a great deal of tensile force is exerted on the carcass and the backbone, which may result in damage to the backbone. To avoid this, a carcass stimulator can be added to the dehider.  The carcass stimulator is cleaned after each cycle.</p> <p>A hind feet fixation is applied to prevent damage to the dressing hooks due to the great forces that are exerted during the dehiding process, and also to prevent tearing of the tendons, which may cause the cow to fall. The hind feet fixation is cleaned after each cycle.</p> <p>Each dehider is provided with two separate work platforms, which allow the employees to perform their supporting work correctly.</p>