Automation in primary processing

Meat deboning line, Marel DeboFlex

Setting benchmarks in the meat processing industry

As a full-line supplier, our state-of-the-art meat processing equipment, systems and software span the entire production value chain, from the reception of live animals to the dispatch of finished products.

We work with all processes in the slaughter, cutting and further processing hall as well as case ready and food service packing, all of which can be integrated with Innova software.

Whatever your location, business size or objectives we can help you to operate at peak productivity and enhance the overall quality and value of meat products

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Products and solutions

Marel products and solutions help meat processors optimize yield, quality, throughput and other critical factors across the whole value chain.

Ranging from individual units for specific processes such as weighing, cutting and labeling, to complete solutions such as deboning, trimming, meat preparation, portion-cutting and forming lines, our equipment is built for the harsh meat processing environment, with hygiene and safety always in mind.

Innova Food Processing Software

Innova is a powerful and comprehensive software that collects and collates data, allowing you to improve perfomance and enhance productivity.

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Marel provides remote as well as onsite service support, through customized service agreements. We also supply quality spare parts for our customers, to ensure optimal performance of Marel equipment.

Marel is fully equipped to support our customers all over the world. With offices in 30 countries across all regions, forming a global network of highly skilled professionals, our service partnerships keep production lines optimized and competitive.

Tailored service solutions offer a range of benefits while providing peace of mind that production lines will run smoothly, with minimal downtime and optimal efficiency.

Customer stories

Noah Haskell
Aerobic Water Treatment Sedimentation
Jacques Meley
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Skovde Handheld
Danish Crown

"The Frank-A-Matic Linker has turned out to be a great investment for our company, which has really supported the growth of our business."

Noah Haskell

Square H-Brands

"We looked for a supplier, who could offer a wastewater treatment solution that would support our growth plans."

Luciana Frassetto de Campos Breda, sanitary engineer

Aurora Alimentos

"Few companies offer this type of slaughter technology, which guarantees the slaughter of 540 pigs per hour."

Christian Klauck, Engineering Manager

Aurora Alimentos

"Above all, what makes the PremiumFormer so special is the flexibility in textures and fiber orientation of the products."

Mr. Jacques Meley, General Director


"When Foyle Food Group went into the minced meat business it was mainly to shorten the supply chain to ready meal and further processors – and make it more efficient."

Foyle Food Group

Omagh, Ireland

"The fat analysis system is a great asset to our production. Control and standardization of each batch of meat are immensely important as our customers request homogenous products."

Håkan Andersson, Project Manager


"Innova allows us to keep records throughout each day and traceability for USDA records from not only start, but also now to finish."

Dan Fernandez, Production Manager


"There is no doubt that the new by-product batching system adds a lot of value. There is less give-away and a much higher accuracy and flexibility."

Eric Van Den Langenberg, Production Manager

Vion, Boxtel

"Cranswick chose the I-Cut 55 for its great performance, efficiency and operational flexibility."


One of the leading food manufactures in UK

"The StreamLine works well with traceability and provides us with a system to organize our setup with real-time processing information."

Norbert Marcher, company owner


"For us, the Repiler L is a high-quality scraper block and we use them in all dehairing machines now."

Maintenance Manager

Compaxo Zevenaar

"The trim handling system and the data verification possibilities and traceability information it provides give us full confidence in the system."

Michael McKay, General Manager

Foyle Food Group in Donegal

"We installed the portion cutter and flattener because we had a lack of qualified workers to do the job."

Eduardo Walter, General Manager


"There is no need for skilled meat operators or butchers because the DeboFlex system is very easy to work with."

Everton Segatto, Industrial Manager

Industrial Meat Unit Castrolanda

"The StreamLine system allows us to get information about what is going on all the way through production."

Frederico Muniz, Slaughterhouse Manager

La Anónima, Argentina

"When we started the trim handling project with Marel, we were impressed with their approach to finding the right solution for us."

Ballymahon Site Manager


"Using the Trim Inspection System, we have been able to find even more bones and bone fragments in the meat, thus increasing product safety."

Achim Haas, owner


"StreamLine has been a great solution for us, because we can now measure productivity and performance in an objective way at each station and for each operator."

Andrea Köpfer, Production Manager


"The main benefit of Innova is that we can now fully manage product traceability with one system."

Stefan Kylén, Production Manager

Skövde Slakteri

"With the ValueSpray our overall marinade use has reduced by as much as thirty percent."

Claus Hubberman, Plant Manager

Danish Crown Oldenburg Convenience

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