Marel Poultry at Fieravicola

During the Fieravicola event, which will be held in Forlì, Italy, from April 5th to 7th, Marel Poultry will highlight its latest, innovative developments in the world of poultry processing. The main focus will be on the brand new Stork Thigh Fillet System. 

Thigh Fileting System

The Thigh Fillet System will have its first appearance in Italy.  Marel Poultry already foresaw the trend towards a growing popularity of deboned thigh meat and created the world's first inline high-capacity thigh filleting solution. With utmost efficiency and consistency, the bone is carefully separated from the meat, in order to supply retail quality thigh fillets. Meanwhile, the knee cap is removed accurately and manual trimming is never required.

Another focus point for Marel Poultry during Fieravicola is the AMF-i. This intelligent breast cap filleting solution doesn't need manual adjustments to changing breast cap sizes anymore. All modules adapt themselves to the automated measurements made at the infeed. 

Furthermore, much attention is paid to the RoboBatcher Flex, which can automatically batch and style whole legs or fillets into trays. It can run two different batching jobs simultaneously, and can be controlled by Innova food processing software.

The multiple award-winning SmartWeigher weighs whole products accurately at the highest line speeds. Weight information is used to size whole products or determine how they are to be cut.

The SensorX automatically identifies bones and other foreign objects in poultry meat, using X-ray technology and ensuring extremely reliable food safety.

Fieravicola is Italy’s leading trade show and one of Europe’s most high-profile B2B events for the poultry sector. Marel Poultry will warmly welcome you in Hall C, stand 54. Our experts will answer all your questions about the innovative solutions mentioned above. You will find out how they can add value to your poultry processing operation. 



Start date:
5 Apr 2017

End date:
7 Apr 2017

Web site:

Forlì, Italy

Stand no:
Hall C, stand 54