Iran Food+Bev Tec

Providing scope for poultry operations

The 25th International Exhibition Food & Beverage Processing and Packaging trade fair, also known as Iran Food+Bev Tec is scheduled for June 29th to July 2nd 2018 at the Tehran International Fairgrounds.

At the Marel Poultry stand, professionals from the industry can find out about our advanced poultry processing solutions, providing scope for new or expanding operations of all capacities and every level of automation. 

Stork Coretech eviscerator

At Iran Food+Bev Tec 2018, Marel Poultry will focus on the current needs of Iranian poultry processors, who are experiencing a growing market with great potential. From live bird handling to evisceration and from chilling to deboning, all processes are covered by Marel Poultry, by making use of semi-automated or fully automated solutions, corresponding to the individual circumstances. 

Marel Poultry Export Manager Ernst Kah says, "Our flexible cutting edge solutions, applicable to all capacities, will support Iranian processors to produce chicken meat products according to requirements from their markets. We are eager to provide all assistance and service needed to Iranian poultry processors and seize the current opportunities of the Iranian market." 

During this edition of Iran Food & Bev Tec, Marel Poultry will stress the importance of proper waste water treatment. Industrial poultry processing requires quite some water. This process water can, however, be purified and reused by applying Marel Water Treatment’s solutions which can be tailored to the needs of Iranian poultry processors.

Iranian market

At this point in time, Iran is re-entering international economic markets to regain its position from before the sanctions as one of the most important poultry producers worldwide. To illustrate this, exports of food and packaging technology from EU countries to Iran is increasing enormously. In this respect the International Food+Bev Tec reflects the high potential of the Iranian market. All the more reasons to pay a visit to Marel Poultry's stand, where Mr Majid Sadat Akahvi (Iranian Marel agent) welcomes you.



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29 Jun 2018

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2 Jul 2018

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Teheran, Iran

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