Polagra Tech

Robots are invading Poland!

Polagra-Tech, the international Polish trade fair of food processing technologies will take place this year from October 1st to 4th at the Congress Center in Poznań, Poland. Marel Poultry will be present alongside Marel Meat and Further Processing.

During Polagra-Tech, Marel Poultry will present various innovative solutions that increase processing value, by improving efficiency and quality.

Robot with a Knife

Robots are invading Poland!  

During this year’s Polagra-Tech expo, the “Robot with a Knife” will be one of Marel Poultry’s focus points. Currently, Poland’s first robotic cutting and batching systems, making use of the RoboBatcher Flex and the i-Cut 122, are being installed in two Polish plants. Other Polish processors have the opportunity too to benefit from this integrated solution which ensures intelligent fillet batching on the highest automated level.

Flexible cut-up

One of the other highlights at the Marel Poultry booth will be the ACM-NT cut-up system. ACM-NT strikes the right note in the Polish market, particularly for its ability to deliver high quality end products with consistent high yield and low manning levels. ACM-NT is an extremely flexible modular cut-up system which can produce a wide variety of anatomically cut products according to your production wishes. Special features like combined rate limiting and floating point control bring you even more added value.

Intelligent filleting

During Polagra-Tech, special attention will be given to the AMF-i intelligent breast filleting system. AMF is a well proven solution with hundreds of installs worldwide. The latest AMF-i generation is an intelligent filleting system which consistently produces high yield. Modules adjust themselves automatically to the size of each individual breast cap, based on data provided by the initial measurement.

Polagra Tech stand crew 2018Poultry team

Our team of poultry specialists, among whom sales manager Wojciech Waczkowski and area sales manager Mathieu van Dongen will be available at our booth to inform you about all of our innovative and advantageous solutions to your poultry processing needs. 

Should you have any questions about Marel Further Processing, you can address area sales managers Francis Fouwé and Bas van Steenhardt Carré.

We look forward to meeting you in Poznań!



Start date:
1 Oct 2018

End date:
4 Oct 2018

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Poznan, Poland