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1966: Stork's first innovation milestone

06 Apr 2016

1966 Stork All Round pluckerStork employee works on Wiericke plucker in 1963, a few years before Stork launched its own innovative plucker.

In 1963, Stork in Boxmeer (NL) took over the neighboring machine factory Wiericke, thereby officially starting its activities as poultry machinery manufacturer.

At first, the original product range of Wiericke was sold by Stork, among which the Gigant, Midget, Duromatic and ARS plucking systems.

1966 Stork All Round pluckerNewly developed Stork L2B-Plucker (1966)

In those days the successful automation of a poultry slaughterhouse depended completely on the quality and the efficiency of the plucker. That's why, as one of the first tasks after the take-over, Stork started developing new plucking equipment, and involved the poultry processors, among which Friki (Europe's largest export slaughterhouse), in this development.

The new, modular All Round plucker generation which resulted from this change in approach in 1966 can be seen as the first milestone in Stork's innovative poultry machinery history, which is exactly 50 years ago.

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Stork starts its poultry processing machinery operations in 1963Stork Brabant factory, Boxmeer (NL), 1966