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AeroScalder: Another Quality Impulse for Hazeldene’s

02 May 2013

Hazeldene's, Australian poultry processor
The Stork AeroScalder has improved efficiencies and streamlined our operation. It’s just another in a long line of Marel Stork Poultry Processing solutions that we have invested in at Hazeldene’s and it will not be the last

– Adam Hazeldene, Technical Services Manager.

Successful business partnerships are based on trust, mutual respect and understanding and develop a bond that strengthens over time as each party comes to understand what drives each other’s business needs. These symbiotic relationships are key drivers of innovation, production and efficiency.
Hazeldene’s and Marel Stork Poultry Processing have built this type of business partnership and have been working together since the very beginning of Hazeldene’s operations in Bendigo over 40 years ago.

“We can work with our customer’s special requests on developing new concepts and systems. We need their feedback – it’s how we have grown. Hazeldene’s have been forthcoming with requesting these changes, which has solidified our relationship with them over the years.” said Marcel Bogerd of Marel Stork.

The Bendigo operation is an excellent example of how the two companies co-operate. Hazeldene’s have a significant investment in Marel Stork equipment including the GP live bird handling system, the CAS stunning system and the K15 killer. All were chosen for their ability to increase production capacity while improving quality.

Stork AeroScalder at Hazeldene's

The latest addition to the collection is no different. The AeroScalder – a revolutionary way to scald products prior to removing feathers from poultry – has just been installed in the new primary processing plant at Hazeldene’s.

It seamlessly integrates into existing GP and CAS systems and makes Hazeldene’s the most modern poultry processing plant in Australia.

“The GP, CAS and AeroScalder systems now installed at Hazeldene’s allow for a potential 12,000 broilers per hour (200 bpm) to be processed. Currently Hazeldene’s processes 9,500 per hour (158 bpm) and so there is capacity to improve efficiencies and output with the system they have in place. Just three months into production with the new equipment has proven the upgrade to be successful on all fronts.” said Adam Hazeldene, Technical Services Manager.

The AeroScalder is an integrated system that is good for everyone – consumers, the broilers, the environment and productivity!

The Hazeldene’s plant’s primary function is to process broilers – starting with irreversibly anesthetizing the broilers, moving them though the K15 killer and then loosening the feathers using the AeroScalder, removing heads, feet and viscera packs at a speed of 3 carcasses per second – it’s very efficient. The process involves moving the carcasses through the AeroScalder, which emits a hot moisturized air flow in the cabin that loosens the feathers. The new plant also uses lower than usual amounts of chlorine and yet still produces a very low bacteria count because of the way the broilers are processed.

The AeroScalder is an environmentally friendly machine that uses up to 75% less water and up to 50% less energy than previous systems. It goes a significant way towards reducing Hazeldene’s carbon footprint. With the cost of carbon now being a major factor for Australian businesses, a reduction in carbon use is paramount.

By upgrading the whole primary processing area of the plant, we have significantly reduced cross contamination and micro bacterial count and improved shelf life of the products.

The Stork AeroScalder has improved efficiencies and streamlined our operation. It’s just another in a long line of Marel Stork solutions that we have invested in at Hazeldene’s and it will not be the last”

The efficiency of the plant is very easy to quantify with the AeroScalder’s built in measuring systems. “I’m really passionate about measuring the performance of all of our systems. We can now literally measure how well we are performing in all aspects of the process. We’ve moved from a “gut” feeling to having “informed decisions” supported by the measurement of data generated from the Marel Stork systems we use.” he said.

Always innovating, the team at Hazeldene’s needed to ensure that their products were not only the best chicken in the market, but also their processes met or exceeded all of the required Food safety standards as well as being certified as an RSPCA approved food processing operation. Hazeldene’s are proud of their accreditation with the RSPCA and work closely with their team to ensure their customers understand the lengths they go to in order to maintain ethical and tight standards.

Hazaldene's Australia

Hazeldene’s are one of Australia’s only fully vertically integrated regional poultry processors. This means they are actively involved in all aspects of the process from rearing the breeding stock, then hatching the chicks, rearing them into broilers and then processing the broilers in the Bendigo plant.

Hazeldene’s began in 1957 in the egg industry before diversifying into broiler meat production in 1972. In 2007 the company developed a state of the art hatchery to meet growing demand.

Commissioning of the new primary processing plant in March 2012, only served to reinforce the consistently high quality of their poultry meat products. As well as supplying the bulk trade market, Hazeldene’s have developed Maitre De Foods, an added value range that is supplied to the food service industry and selected supermarkets.

“If you don’t diversify, you put all your eggs into one basket – we have been lucky enough to have been supported by supermarkets and regional industry which has continued to help make our business a success.” commented Adam Hazeldene.

The next chapter in the Marel Stork, Hazeldene’s partnership is to automate the more labor intensive areas of the production side of the business – starting with the whole broiler processing, cut-up and deboning departments. Watch this space.