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AMF-BX Breast Cap Filleting System Updated Yet Again

27 Apr 2012

Control by menu makes for even higher yields

Marel Stork Poultry Processing proudly presents ‘control by menu’ for its AMF-BX breast cap filleting system. The control system leads the way to consistent high performance and makes possible the easy fine-tuning of the settings of your filleting system to the type and weight of breast cap being handled. Quickly and simply, you will be able to lift both the quality of your end products and the yield of your whole system.

Menu controlled AMF

Since its launch, technical and technological refinement of the AMF-BX breast cap filleting system has been continuous. The number of end product options has become ever larger, the number of manual operations fewer and the cuts possible more complex. As a result, the system’s yield has kept on increasing. Control by menu, also available as a conversion kit for your existing system, is the next step on the road to a completely updated and improved filleting line.

Optimize settings centrally for higher yields
In one step, via a touch screen menu, you can now adjust module settings with ease. If, for example, you need to start processing a different average weight or a different type of breast cap (a different breed of broiler), you can now enter this information. All relevant modules will retune to the new situation. What you are now able quickly to optimize are adjustments such as the moment a blade begins to cut and the length of a cut. The quality of your filleting process will improve as a result. You will achieve higher yields and end product quality will go up.

More consistent performance
As many pneumatic connections have now been replaced by PLC controlled sensors, there are now fewer components in the line sensitive to wear and breakdown. As a result, performance of your AMF filleting system will stay for longer at a higher level; maintenance costs will go down. Control by menu will also give you a view of the number of hours the line has been running and you will be able to judge when maintenance is due. You can also see whether sensors are working as they should.

Control by menu is also available as a conversion kit for your existing AMF-BX breast cap filleting system. It is one more step towards low cost top-class filleting. This year we will be launching yet another new development which will lift the system’s added value still further.

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